My name is Ema and I’m here in the name of the transformational power of meditation and Yoga in people’s lives, as well as on my own. My goal is to offer these practices to the world at large, to help reduce violence and combat depression.

Are you seeking to heal and transform?

If you’re here, then you’re probably looking to change your life by releasing mental and emotional blockages. Yoga practice and meditation therapy will assist you in moving through all that and reach a state of mind that supports your thriving. I would be more than happy to be your guide.

Supporting vulnerable populations

By working together, you will also be helping to support Bright Living’s work with vulnerable populations. As my client for a private Yoga or healing meditation session, a group session, or a program for your company, you are creating a both creating a healing experience for yourself, as well as enabling more and more people in vulnerable situations to access these practices.

Healing for those who need it most

Every person deserves to heal and thrive, despite their socio-economic background, despite experiencing illness, conflict and abusive situations. Working with vulnerable categories is crucial to healing our world as a whole. Our communities will thrive if our people do.

Coming from a vulnerable environment myself and working with organisations in education supporting vulnerable environments (such as Teach for Romania), I have seen the pain and struggle that results from a lack of mental health support and I realised just how much people in vulnerable communities need emotional support.

As a social business, Bright Living creates healing opportunities for people in vulnerable situations, connecting them with healing experiences. This allows them to access their inner resources, intuition and innate wisdom. In turn, this enables them to develop a worldview based more on compassion and a developed self-esteem, so they may manage life situations in ways that are more constructive.

My story

My life experience and challenges have guided me to become a healing meditation therapist and a guide for Yoga practice. As a child, I was undergoing illness after illness, that affected my life in all aspects. After I received into my life the practice of meditation and Yoga, I overcame asthma, heart and kidney issues and other chronic diseases.