Welcome to your healing journey

Explore the tools to overcome your challenges, whether emotional or physical.

Private Yoga Sessions
offline or online

We will adapt the power of movement, breath and moving meditation to your particular challenge.

Meditation Therapy Sessions
offline or online

Using deep meditation, we uncover and heal limiting beliefs and fears and introduce new pathways of thinking, using Theta brainwaves and frequencies.

Group Sessions

Stay in touch to make sure you join the next group session in your city.

Past events:

Sattva YOGA Journey for self-love

Meditation Sessions
For Children

Do you aim to bring meditation and/or Yoga to your school or kindergarden? Let your kids explore their inner world and develop values like compassion and patience.

Free meditation
and Yoga classes

Are you looking to bring these practices into the life of a person or a group who’s currently at disadvantage? Meditation can help improve the lives of children in challenged schools, people who are differently abled and many others.

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