How did we get here?

My name is Ema and my life experience and challenges have guided me to become a healing meditation therapist and a guide for Yoga practice. As a child, I was undergoing illness after illness, that affected my life in all aspects. After I received into my life the practice of meditation and Yoga, I overcame asthma, heart and kidney issues and other chronic diseases.

I never thought I would be doing the work of healing through Yoga and meditation that I do today. As a child, I was overweight, I experienced constant sickness and was constantly hospitalized. I was avoiding every single sports class and lived in anxiety. My situation reached a peak in 2011, after I moved to Bucharest. One morning, I looked in the mirror and I saw with my lips had turned blue. So had my nails.

Overcoming disease

6 years ago, I practiced my first yoga session in the office, after an online video. I had no idea back then it would become a recurrent practice that would completely transform my life. After some time, I was let know by my medical doctor I no longer need my inhaler. The asthma had disappeared.

My curiosity about Yoga and meditation got even deeper. I started learning, applying on myself and transforming day after day. In time, while sharing my passion on people’s request, I saw them transform. That’s how I knew I need to bring more of this into the world.

My why

Transforming people’s world, from inside out!

I believe every person deserves to live the best life possible for themselves, regardless of their socio-economical status. After working for 9 years as a communication specialist for education in Romania (such as Teach for Romania), I now dedicate fully to helping people heal and reach their potential. I describe more of that in my TEDx speech (watch below).

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My experience

Bringing ancient Yoga to the modern world

I trained as a Yoga teacher in India, in the Himalayas, at Sattva Yoga Academy, a prestigious school certified by Yoga Alliance. My practice includes Pranayama, Asana, Mantra and Kryia (moving meditation) in a way any practitioner can relate to.

Meditation therapy

I am a 6 times Certified Theta Healing practitioner: Base and Advanced level, Manifesting and Abundance, Game of Life and Dig Deeper. I worked with hundreds of people internationally, with noticeable declared changes.

Working with diverse people internationally

My clients are both children and seniors, both young professionals and senior entrepreneurs, both athletes and people who are differently abled. I am experienced in guiding individual Yoga sessions, as well as large group sessions, in the USA, India, UK, Portugal, Germany and Romania.

Social entrepreneur

The need for healing in our society is arising among vulnerable populations. That is why I founded Bright Living, a business that offers free Yoga and meditation experiences to children in vulnerable schools in rural Romania, people who are differently abled, as well as chronically ill patients.

What we create

Online programs

Our team creates Yoga and meditation courses that are recorded and always available for you to come back to them.

Private & Group Sessions

Let us know if you’d like to partner for a private or group session. Drop a message to